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Inspection focuses on the monitoring of key product characteristics such as geometry, shape, color and surface structure. Along with final product testing, in-line inspection is often necessary for primary or secondary packaging, for example as part of an assembly inspection. The typical quality testing application areas include:

Injection systems


Medical filters and dialysis filters


Vials, cartridges, cannulas, ampules and syringes


Tablets and capsules


Tubular and infusion bags


 Particles, fibers,  glass splinters  and impurities


 Stoppers, caps  and lids


 Various  Containers

For these tasks, VMT-IS/V offers a variety of prefabricated modules for rapid and reliable testing of your product and easy system integration.

Control of active ingredient core position and shape in coated core tablets

Coated core tablets are made of a core tablet surrounded by a coating. Their active properties depend on the actual position of the core within the coating. The core position within the coating must be measured at defined intervals for quality verification and adjustment of the tablet presses.

Via the VMT-IS/V image processing system, integrated into a processing and positioning system, tablets are cut into two sections at a 90° angle. Cameras and special image processing procedures then measure and document the core position and shape relative to the tablet coating. Measurement results serve as corrective variables for process optimization within the tablet presses.

The testing system is connected to a manufacturing execution system (MES) that controls the task. Test results are archived in a central QA system.

Cross-section inspection of fiber bundles for number and pore obstruction

Medical filters are made of fiber bundles with thousands of individual fibers. Filters are surrounded at both ends by a filler material and are cut during the procedure. If the cutting quality of the blade decreases, this material can block the fibers, causing the filter to lose optimal effectiveness.

The fully automated inspection must identify and count individual fibers, and where applicable, detect any obstructed fibers. If the number of obstructed fibers is above a defined value, or if these defects are badly geometrically distributed, the filter is removed from production. Additional analysis of fiber geometry for narrowed, flattened or deformed fibers requires an image processing system with the highest possible precision.

With lighting optimized to the physical characteristics of the filter, high-resolution cameras and special detection algorithms, the VMT-IS/V image processing system achieves exceptionally high detection certainty with maximum availability.


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We have undergone a TISAX® assessment (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange).
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