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Fully automated depalletizing based on 3D machine vision with the VMT KLT system

The VMT KLT-Handling handling system, based on OSC technology, allows for fully automatic depalletizing of arbitrarily stacked pallets with different KLT crate types, sizes, and colors without prior knowledge of the stacking scheme, using a robot.


Stereo vision in 3D

Stereoscopic vision in 3D forms the basis of the system. At its core lies a VMT DeepScan 3D Sensor installed above the depalletizing station. This stereoscopic sensor captures images of the pallets with the stacked small load carriers using a supporting projection method, providing raw data to the evaluation system for subsequent image processing.

In this process, VMT OSC  relies on a shape-based probing method for optical three-dimensional positioning. Instead of edges, holes, or other distinctive object features, the geometric outer contour of a component or workpiece is wholly or partially utilized to determine its position, orientation, or location.

Thus, instead of relying on individual features to determine the 3D position of an object, its surface geometry or excerpts thereof are utilized. The 3D position is captured using specialized 3D sensors by assembling millions of individual 3D points into what is known as a point cloud.

These data form the basis for a completely new metrological approach to determining the spatial position and orientation of arbitrary components in an industrial environment. Through a special 3D matching process with CAD reference data, the system can accurately calculate the actual component position to guide any handling units, such as a 6-axis robot, precisely.

Without capturing additional images, a subsequent inspection occurs within defined search areas to identify the gripping points of the crate and also detect any foreign objects that could potentially cause a gripper collision.

As a result of these evaluations, the VMT system provides all information regarding the crate type, the crate's center point, as well as the 3D positions of the gripping points to the robot of the system, enabling it to reliably pick up the first small load carrier from the pallet.

More than just depalletizing

Due to its flexibility, VMT OSC, is not only suitable for recognizing and gripping small load carriers from a pallet, but can also be used for solving other tasks, such as the widely cited picking from bins or grasping parts from shelf compartments.


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We have undergone a TISAX® assessment (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange).
We have undergone a TISAX® assessment (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange).
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