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Feasibility Studies

Especially for new production processes and/or new components (form, material, etc.) it is often not possible to make a 100 %, iron-clad assumption about the feasibility of a certain automation solution without appropriate prior research.

To shore up the investments of our customers from a technical perspective, VMT offers full-scale feasibility studies.

This includes for example research in regard to the required vision system components and their arrangement, the very important design of the work and testing environment (positioning of components, light conditions, protective devices, etc.) as well as the proper connection to other system participants, e.g. robots.

The parameters established in the theoretical process are reviewed in a corresponding practical test set-up at the VMT Technical Center.

The results are documented exhaustively and may serve for example to generate system specifications. Of course, we also generate a cost assessment to establish the necessary investment budget. All of the above is done in close consultation with the customer.

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