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Detection and dual-inspection

The TwinCam 145-S from VMT is a compact and easy-to-install stereo vision sensor for the detection and inspection of defined object features and for the precision visual control of robots.

Two shutter cameras, CMOS sensor, high-power LEDs as an integrated light source – the TwinCam has everything that is required for a camera-based feature check or position detection in 3D. The robust housing of the sensor and the IP65 degree of protection ensure maximum availability in industrial environments.

Precision probing of object features

The TwinCam is the right choice when it comes to detecting small yet fine features or differences to taught-in patterns. The measuring accuracy of the sensor is within the submillimeter range in all three axes. This ensures maximum precision, particularly, since the sensor has integrated LEDs that ensure stable, shadow-free illumination of the image area.

Easy integration into static and dynamic applications

The compact, just 45 mm-high housing provides numerous, space-saving integration options – in stationary machines as well as in robots or other moving machine structures. The vibration and impact-resistant assembly of the optical and electronic components in the sensor as well as the absence of moving parts ensure long, uninterrupted service lives.

Communication and power supply also via Ethernet

The TwinCam offers two power supply options: either via a 24 VDC connection or via PoE (Power over Ethernet) with 48 VDC. PoE enables the simultaneous transmission of data and supply voltage via a common line in order to transmit the measurement data of the stereo vision sensor for evaluation to an image processing computer, from which it can be made available to the application. At the same time, other sensors or actuators can be triggered directly via the switchable outputs.

Application example: Fine adjustment of robot kinematics

Foam-filled car body cavities reduce noise in vehicle interiors. Robots performing this automatic foaming application (“AFA” for short) are guided to the points on body where the insulating foam is to be applied with maximum precision with the help of measurement data from the TwinCam. The high-resolution measured values of the stereo vision sensor are used as 3D coordinates for fine corrections to the robot’s motion control in order to position the robot’s application tool on the body plug with precision in the sub-millimeter range.



  • Stereo vision sensor with high resolution and accuracy
  • Detection, inspection, robot control
  • Space-saving options for installation in fixed and moving machine structures
  • Communication and power supply via Ethernet (PoE) possible
Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001TÜV zertifiziert nach ISO 9001:2000
We have undergone a TISAX® assessment (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange).
We have undergone a TISAX® assessment (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange).
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